The story of Life

Once upon a time there lived a life.Life was easy and uncomplicated.Then life became confusing and upsetting. Then don’t know how, but it got depressing. Really really depressing. Then It fell. Fell for quiet a long time.Then It hit the ground and broke into pieces. after that it understood what had happened, what it has…

No title

No matter how many people u have in your life sometimes u get lonely. so so very lonely that-you post a status in Facebook

Illusions(Another absurd thought )

When I was little, I had the most impossible dreams. I wanted to touch the sky. Used to think if I stand on top of that building, maybe I could touch the sky. But when I stood there, it seemed like if I stand on top of that tree ,over there, maybe I could touch the sky….

Love- The weirdest thing

Love is a complicated thing.  It doesn’t matter who loves you or how much they love you. No matter what they do, you’ll always run back to that person whom you love even though they disappoint you,hurt you the most.  but you’ll still love them for no reason at all and hate them for hurting…

The world we live in

So I hurt my hand. Luckily there are no fractures and I should recover soon, but not soon enough to write this. I got a haircut today. Now it’s short enough for people to turn their heads. My country isn’t suitable for this kind of haircut. when I walk on the street people make comments…