Story-1 (part-11)


Ron lifted the gun and pointed it at his head. He seemed very calm considering the situation. Maybe because he knew he had the upper hand. He was

a good looking guy. Like a neighbour next door. Clean and simple, looked nothing like a serial killer. Maybe that’s why nobody suspected him. Even now no one knew how many people he killed. Most of the bodies were never recovered. But some were and they were enough to send him to jail. Everyone was relieved to know he’s gonna be in jail for the rest of his life. Unless of course he escapes, which he did. That’s why Ron asked for his death sentence but the judge felt otherwise. It’s not that Ron wanted revenge, he just wanted to be sure that they were safe. Everyone assured them that they were. Standing in front of him now after all these years he knew jail was the wrong decision.

“You knew I was coming?” Finally Ron asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Replied the guy. He had many names, many aliases. They could never find who he really was. He made sure that no one did.

“I helped catch you. My testimony send you to jail. You wanted me, here I am. Now let her go.” Ron said to him. Even though Ron was the one holding the gun, threats were useless here. He knew that.

“But I want both of you.” He replied calmly.

“Let her go.” Ron’s tone turned from request to order now.

“No. She stays, and so do you.” A flicker of anger showed in his eyes.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Ron. “Let her go or I’ll shoot you.” He never killed anyone but Ron was prepared to do anything now.

“Oh really? Why don’t you go ahead and try, see how it goes?” He said calmly. “Unless of course you want to see her die from the poison I gave her. I’m sure you can guess the antidote after I die.” He said smiling.

[To be continued]

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