Story-1 (part-12)


“Put the gun down.” He said, “you know you can’t use that. Lets face it, your out of options here. Well, you got one option.” He looked Ron dead in the eye and howled, “Do as I say.”

Ron looked at Kate, helplessly sitting on the floor. Tears streaming down her cheeks, shaking her head trying to say, “No, No, No.” But she could only make muffled sounds barely audible from behind the duct tape. He took a second to think, then slowly put the gun down on the ground.

“Kick it away.” He said.

Ron kicked the gun away to his left. It slid under some machineries, then halted to a stop after hitting something loudly.

“Well, here we are. What are you gonna do now?” Ron asked.

He didn’t answer. Instead he started going through his bag as if trying to find something.

Ron took a step closer and said “After all you went through to get us here, now you’re just gonna poison her to death? How disappointing!”

“Seriously! Ron’s trying to provoke him?” Kate thought. Either he’s lost his mind or he has a plan. She prayed for the latter to be true.

Ron didn’t have a plan. Not sure if one can make a plan to get out of this kind of situation. Specially when they were alone and no one believed them. So getting help from anyone wasn’t an option. Ron knew the guy well enough to understand he had everyone exactly where he wanted them to be. He wasn’t in a hurry because he made sure they don’t get interrupted. Attacking him now wouldn’t be wise. He could easily defend himself, use whatever he had in his bag. He was standing within two feet from where Kate was. So he could attack her too. Ron stood near the doorway trying to figure out what to do.

“Don’t worry. She’s not gonna die from the poison.” The guy said still facing away from Ron. “ maybe in a few days she will but I’m gonna kill her before that.” He looked at Ron and smiled as if he was reassuring them that everything’s gonna be fine.

“And where do I fit in, in your twisted scenario?” Asked Ron.

“I’m gonna kill you too. After I make you watch her die.” He answered.

“Why not just get rid of us now? Why wait?”

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” He answered with a wicked smile.

Then he walked over to Kate saying “let me have something to remember you by.” Before anyone could react he grabbed a lock of her hair and cut it of with a knife. She tried to get away but couldn’t.

Ron could now see what he was doing all this time . The various tools arranged on the table next to the bag scared Ron. Not because they looked horrible and ancient. But because Ron knew what they were and how they were used. As the guy was stepping away from her Ron knew he had to take this chance. He had Kate’s lock of hair in one hand and the knife in the other. Still Ron didn’t care. He ran towards the guy and jumped on top of him. Grabbing his head in one hand Ron made sure to hit the table with it. They both fell in the ground.

The guy was surprised at this sudden attack. Not that he wasn’t expecting one. After hitting the ground he realised that both of his hands contents was now more than a feet away. He tried to crawl forward and grab the knife. But Ron caught his collar, then dragged him back. He grabbed Ron throat chocking him. Ron wasn’t as strong as he was. Ron did the only thing possible, hit the guys nose with the palm of his hand. It made a faint cracking sound as his nose broke. His grip on Ron’s throat loosened a bit. Again Ron hit him at the same place. He was bleeding from his nose now. Disoriented from the sudden attack and in a lot of pain.

Ron quickly crawled towards Kate. He took a small pin like tool out of his pocket and started to pick the lock on Her handcuffs. He almost unlocked her left hand when the guy attacked from behind. He grabbed Ron’s hair with his left hand and chocked him with his right elbow. Ron was facing away from him. So he reached back and hit his face based on assumption. But he didn’t even flinch. His grip on Ron’s throat increased. He was running out of oxygen, vision started to get blurry. Though Ron kept struggling, he knew it was futile against him.

[To be continued]

[ This is part 12 of this story. Reading the previous parts will help understand whats going on here better. Any suggestion or criticism is welcomed.]

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