Story 1 (part-13)

Ron was struggling to breathe. The guy was chocking him from behind. Sometimes letting go is easier than fighting back. But now he wasn’t fighting for himself. He was fighting for her. With his blurry vision he looked around trying to find a way out. He could see a raised platform nearby, abandoned after the machineries were removed. He reached for it with his legs. Pressing his legs on it’s side he pushed backwards with all his strength. Trying to keep balance the guy slightly released pressure from Ron’s neck. Ron took that chance. Hitting his face with his head Ron finally managed to release himself. Ron stood up walking backwards, making sure to keep a distance.

From there Ron could see the bruises on Kate’s face. Dry blood on her wrists, fear in her eyes. ‘Fear’ was the last thing Ron wanted her to feel. But here they are.

Kate wasn’t paying attention to them. She was busy trying to unlock the handcuffs with the tool Ron was using. That guy was average looking but he was way stronger than he looked. Now he was starting to get up. Ron could see Kate had unlocked one of her hands.

“My cars outside. Wait for me there.” Saying this he threw the car keys to Kate.

Staring at the keys in her hand, she stood motionless.

“ Go, Now! I got this.” Ron seemed surprisingly calm now.

“It would be wrong to leave him here” she thought. But if that’s what he wants then she will do it, no questions asked as always. So she started to run.

Though Ron couldn’t see her anymore he could still hear the sound of the keys fading. The guy was back on his feet now, calling Ron names. Advancing slowly to attack.

Ron wasn’t afraid anymore. Instead of keeping distance and defending himself Ron walked towards him. Ron could see the confusion in his face.

“You know, I could rip you apart with a thought.” Ron said walking towards him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Saying that Ron raised his right hand and a couple feet long metal pipe flew into it from the pile of old machinery parts.

Wide eyed the guy watched in confusion and horror as Ron walked towards him fast. He was sure he saw a faint smile in Ron’s face as the pipe hit him repeatedly.

[ To be continued]

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