Six on Saturday: Hibiscus, jasmine, clematis and others



This hibiscus cutting was gifted to my father by a Facebook plant group where people loves to share their plants with each other. Don’t know what the flower looks like. Can’t wait to find out. I don’t have much experience with hibiscus. So I just cut the base of the cutting in an angle. Let it dry for a couple of hours cause we have pretty warm weather. Then I mixed some coco peat, soil and compost and planted the cutting. Kept it in a bright but not sunny location. Soon all the leaves fell of and the cutting dried out. Probably should’ve cut the leaves to begin with. For a while I thought it was dead. But the tips of the branches were still green. I kept watering it and hoped for the best. Almost two months later it started to produce new leaves. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this. Would love to know more about it and figure out what I did wrong. If anyone have any suggestion please share.

Sweet autumn clematis

A beautiful plant with very fragrant flowers. It’s scientific name is Clematis terniflora. The first time I saw this in my college, I fell in love with it. I won’t be in college forever, so I wanted this for our garden. Looked for it a long time. But the local nurseries had bigger plants which would be heavier to carry and cost too much. Yesterday I found a small size plant in the ongoing annual tree fair. Now I just have to find a good spot in my roof to plant it.


Scientific name Jasminum sambac. Another plant I bought from the tree fair. We had this plant in our garden for a long time. But recently because of the construction work going on in the roof it died. The fragrance is crazy beautiful at night. I would love to keep it in my balcony and enjoy its beauty. But that can’t happen. I wish there was a way to take a photo of its fragrance. Is there?


It’s scientific name is Polianthes tuberosa. Also a fragrant white flower. These bulbs were a gift. Although they looked to be in a very bad condition, after planting them they grew fast. Not sure if they are the double flower cultivar or not. I’m not very Fond of them. They lack the freshness of the local single flower variety. But that’s just my opinion. Either way I’ll plant them in a suitable pot and see what happens.


I bought this orchid last year. It grew fine for a while. But then it stopped growing. As I’m not experienced with orchids I just let it be. I repotted it after finding out about orchids root problems. And it was having root rot. After repotting it did well for a while. It set a couple of new pseudobulbs. But it started to have root problems again. I cut of all the affected parts and then potted it in a smaller pot with fresh medium. It mostly died out. But then it produced two new pseudobulbs. And it’s growing fast considering what it’s been through.


It’s scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. I’ve had it for more than 10 years in my balcony. Recently I’ve learned some interesting facts about it that made me see this plant in a very different way. This is one of the cuttings I’ve planted in used water bottles. I know normal water bottles leak bad chemicals if used more than instructed. But I’m not gonna eat pothos. So it might be ok. I’ll see how the plant does. So far it’s doing great.

That’s my six on Saturday. As I’m writing this type of post for the first time please be forgiving about any and all mistakes I’ve made. Suggestions, constructive criticism is always welcome. Why not click across to to enjoy other six on Saturday.

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  1. cavershamjj says:

    Hello! Just spotted the pingback. Welcome to the gang, hope to see you again soon. If you do, best to add a link to the comments on my Six post directly, the pingbacks tend to get ignored.

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    1. kundo says:

      My blog was down for some theme related problems. So it wasn’t visible as a site for a while. Still trying to fix that. I’ll add the link in comments next time. As I’m new to this any suggestion is useful. Thank you.


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