Things we do for our kids

We push our kids into adulthood

without telling them what it is.

We let them walk into the darkness

Without any light to guide their way.

Sometimes they learn to light a fire.

Then they can guide themselves.

But sometimes trying to do so

they set themselves in fire

and burn to death.

Still we do what we did again and again

hoping this is all for the best.

We scare our kids about the dark side of the world.

About strangers, dangers, pain and suffering.

We tell them stories about ghosts lurking in the shadows

so they don’t go alone into the darkness.

We scare them to keep them safe.

Keep them close to us where we believe we’re the saviour.

It’s easy to raise a child who’s scared.

But it’s difficult to live a life full of fears.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Uri says:

    Powerful truth.


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