You were standing next to me.

I remember.

Don’t know how it came to be,

But now you’re facing me,

As if I am your enemy.

Someone to hunt,

Someone to hurt,

Only cause you’re hurt.

Because you don’t know what to do.

You can’t control what’s happening ,

So you hit the one,

Right next to you.

After a long long time,

When all is said and done.

Maybe you’ll forget it all,

Maybe I won’t remind.

And I’ll do,

What I am supposed to.

We’ll all pretend,

That we’re just fine,


With a smile.

But you’ll never know.

Every time you hurt me,

I let a piece of you go.

Now you’re standing next to me.

And that’s where you’ll be.

You can’t hurt me any more,

Cause you’re not in my heart anymore.

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