I am slipping. That’s the perfect way to summarise what I’ve been going through. Everyday I stand up and try to walk but I slip and fall instead. I fall face first into the deep dark pit I’ve been In the last years. How many years I’m not sure. Because for the longest time I didn’t even know I was there. One day I realised and since then I’m trying to climb out of it. Each day I climb out of it and start to walk away. But then something crawls out from the depth of the pit. It wraps around me. Strangles me until I can’t fight anymore. Then it drags me back down in the dark place. Where silent monsters are lurking, screaming in my ears. Screams that no one else can hear. I try to scream and run. But I can’t make a sound and there’s nowhere to go. I am trapped. I’ve been here for a long long time. So long that the light up above is a world I’m unfamiliar with. A world that’s unknown is bound to be scary. Although I know that, that’s the world where I’m supposed to be. So each day I crawl out of here and hope that I’ll make it.

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  1. LucciaGray says:

    I hope he/she will make it, too.
    We might not notice, but everyone is slipping and struggling to climb out, sometimes. We’re not alone:)

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    1. kundo says:

      Thank you. You’re right . Everyone has their own problems.


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