Story 1 (Part-14)


Kate was getting frustrated. She couldn’t help but imagine all the things that could go wrong. She wondered if Ron was okay, if he was even alive. Even though Ron told her to take the car and run away, she couldn’t. With a good view of the entrance she parked the car. Now she was standing next to it with all the lights off hoping to remain unseen. How long has it been since she left the building? 10 minutes? An hour? She didn’t know. Her heart was beating like a drum inside her chest.

“I think I told you to leave” Kate almost jumped hearing Ron talk.

“You’re here!” She exclaimed hugging him.

“Of course I am.” Ron said softly. “Now you were supposed to leave. Not stand in the middle of the road like an open target.” Ron said trying to be annoyed.

“Get in the car.” Ron told Kate.

“Where do you want me to drop you off? To your house or the dorm?”

“Dorm. Don’t want mom and dad to see me like this.” Kate replied as tears streamed down her face.

[To be continued]

So this is part 14 of the story I’m writing. Any suggestions or criticism is welcomed.

Here is a link to part 13

Link to part 12

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