Empty Inside

I have the right to be in pain

to grieve and be insane.

But I’m told I’m too emotional

Confused and Irrational.

Now all I see is darkness.

The world seems lifeless.

I can’t see the light

Even if I try.

With everyone I fight

Everything makes me cry.

I do my best,

to hold my tears.

I hide them well,

along with my fears.

Now a days

I don’t feel sad.

Don’t know whether it’s good

Or really really bad.

Can’t trust anybody anymore,

Suspicion grows more and more.

I am the shell of who I was,

Empty inside.

Cause with you my dear,

A part of me died.

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  1. It remains empty untill you will try to explore yourself.

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    1. kundo says:

      Maybe or maybe not. But the kind of emptiness I feel can’t be replaced by anything else.


      1. Life is too short so wasting time to thinking about past vestige is not good idea. So explore yourself. Show the world who you are….
        Cause I’m pretty sure you will regret one day thinking about this day! We do actually!


      2. kundo says:

        That’s the thing . I’m not thinking, I’m feeling. Thoughts can be changed, modified or customised but emotions are like chewing gum stuck on your hair. Can’t get rid of them unless you’re ready to go bald.

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      3. Then go bald & don’t worry you will get your hair back soon! but if you lose your life once then you know it will not back again.

        So, this is not important you have hair or not but life is important to make decision that you will keep your hair or not!

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      4. kundo says:

        Well said buddy.


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