Stuck in a daydream

A while ago, I started to write a story. I published each part as I wrote them. But after a while I stopped writing. I always wondered if anyone was reading it or not. Recently I was told by someone that it would better if all the parts were in one post instead of a bunch of individual posts. So here I’ve written all the parts of this story that was published. This story isn’t finished yet. I’d love to know if it was good or bad. Any suggestions, criticism is welcomed.


He woke up feeling tired. The space next to him was empty. She was gone and there’s nothing he can do about it now. After what he did, he doesn’t have the guts to stand in front of her. He knows he lost the right to do so.

“Life without her will never be the same but we have to live. Right ?” Thinking this he got up, in shaky legs started walking towards the living room where his phone was ringing.


“What took you so long to answer?” Said the person on the phone sounding annoyed.

“Sorry, I was sleeping”

“ Sleeping? Till 12? That’s why you don’t get a job. . . So lazy “ she kept talking without waiting for an answer.

“I can hang up now” he thought. “I can just put the phone down on the table and she will never know.” She will keep calling him names for a while and then hang up.

But he can’t hang up, he never did. So he just tried to tune her out, focusing on something else while his mother kept telling him how pathetic he was. 

He sat down on the couch as the room started to spin around. Still holding the phone in his ear he regretted walking so soon after sitting down.

“Should’ve taken some time to adjust” he thought as he watched the room get darker in a bright sunny day.

Slowly he opened his eyes. Not sure if he fell asleep or just fainted. His phone was on the ground. Couldn’t remember when it fell. He was falling asleep again when someone started knocking at his door.

“Seriously!” He was annoyed now. But he instead of answering the door tried to go back to sleep.

The knocking was getting louder now. Ron was hoping the person would eventually leave but it seems like that wasn’t happening.opening the door Ron found Spencer standing there with a worried look in his face.

“Are you OK?” Spencer said

“Yah, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine. Are u sure you’re ok?”

“Yah. I’m fine. What are you doing here?”

“I came to pick you up. Why aren’t you ready?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t Sarah call you?”

“ oh. Yah. She did” said Ron recalling his mother’s call earlier.

“She did tell you about dinner tonight, right?” Spencer looked confused now.

Ron couldn’t remember if she did tell him or not but if Spencer’s saying this then it might be true. It’s better to just go with it instead explaining why he can’t remember the phone call completely.

“Yeh. She did. She told me about the dinner at um “ remembering the conversation wasn’t possible, he knew. So he tried to figure out where the dinner could take place but couldn’t.

“At Marks place “Spencer said

“Yeh. At Marks“ Ron said pretending to remember.

“I was just getting ready. I’ll be there in time.”

“Mark send me to pick you up.”

“No it’s fine. I’ll drive myself-“

“Mark send me to pick you up” Spencer repeated.

“The guys like a robot” Ron thought. Ron’s grandfather Marks driver/assistant Spencer was a man of few words. But he always got things done.

“Ok. Why don’t you wait downstairs? I won’t be long”

“Sure. Take your time.”

Are you sure you’re ok?  Cos if you’re not I will talk to Mark. He will understand. Maybe you should get some rest.”

“No! No, I’m fine.” “Mark’s not the one I’m worried about” Ron thought.

“Ok then. I’ll wait downstairs. Bye.” Then he turned around and left.

Nothing made Ron more nervous than a family gathering.

Closing the door he went to the bathroom to freshen up. He couldn’t recognize the person staring back at him in the mirror. His eyes were red. He looked like a very sick person. Well, he just looked as sick as he was. Realizing he forgot to take the pills today he reached in his cabinet.

As the car entered the driveway he wanted nothing more than to jump out of the car window and run away. But that’s not possible so he just sat there. He can recognize the cars on the driveway. These were the people whom Ron didn’t want to face at any cost. Still in events like these he had to.

Ron looked at everyone as he took a seat on the living room couch. He had to admit Mark had good taste of decor, classic, expensive but not too much show off.

“So Ron.  Thanksgivings  coming up.” Said Chris.

“ Yah. So what?” Ron wanted to say but that wasn’t a question so he remained quiet.

“Lets all have dinner on thanksgiving “

Said Mark.

“Not again” Ron thought .

“What do you think Ron?” Mark asked.

“What’s there to think? Ron will be there. Right?”  Said Chris.

Usually even at 26 Ron remains quiet if his parents make a decision for him. Most of the family members sees this as weakness, as lack of courage and being indecisive. No one really gets the fact this is the custom Ron grew up with, still practiced by millions of people halfway across the world. But this time he had to say something. Well, thanksgiving was a tradition. And Ron was a traditional guy.

“Actually, I have plans “ Said Ron.

“What? Why would you have plans? You’re having dinner with us. That’s final.” Said Chris.

“ Wait, let’s hear him out.” Said Mark. “Would you like to talk about it. I mean if you want to.”

“I’m having dinner with my friends” Said Ron.

“So friends mean more to you than family?” Chris seemed angry.

Ron knew he would be. It’s not that Chris wanted Ron to have dinner with them. He just didn’t like to hear “no”.

“ Mark, it’s not like that. I just made plans with them so long ago. So I don’t wanna-“ Ron tried to explain to the only person who deserved an explanation.

“It’s ok. I just wanted everyone to have a good time. Have fun with your friends. It’s not a big deal. “

“Not a big deal?” Chris Said. He was furious. Ron was getting worried about where things were going. He didn’t want anyone to see this side of his father that only he knew existed.

“No. It isn’t. Relax. It’s just dinner.” Mark said to Chris. He was trying to salvage the situation. He looked at Ron and said “Tell me, when will you be free? Dinners not important. We just want to spend some time with you.” 

“That’s the problem” Ron thought. He didn’t want to spend time with his parents but Mark was staring at him with such hopeful eyes. In his 26 year life Ron knew his grandfather for only 2 years. And he was trying way to hard to make it up for the lost 24 years.


Mark asked when Ron was free. Ron wanted to say never if it were to meet with these people.  But that’s not something you can say publicly. Ron had to answer and he didn’t want to be rude. Not to Mark.

“I’m free the next day. We just planed the dinner, that’s it.” Ron said.

“Ok. So lunch? The day after thanksgiving?” Asked Mark.

“Sure. I’ll try to be there.”Ron answered.

“ why try? Why not just say you’ll do it. Always saying try…try…….” Chris kept talking. Ron tried to tune him out. Mark was trying to change the topic.

Why”try” ? Why doesn’t he make plans or promises? Ron thought. Because something or someone always intervene. Why make a promise knowing you might not be able to keep it?

Dinner went smoothly. Not as bad as Ron thought it might be. Spencer left early. After dinner though Ron tried to call a cab, Mark insisted to drop him off. Now in the car sitting next to his grandfather Ron wondered what to say. The silence was getting on his nerves. As the car stopped at a signal Mark looked at Ron and asked “How was the food?”

Marks question startled Ron.

“It was good.” Ron said.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something “ Said Mark.

“OK. What is it?” Ron said feeling a bit confused.

“I don’t really know how to say this. I know I wasn’t around most of your life.”

“I told you already. It’s fine. “

“No it’s not. I should’ve been there for you. But I wasn’t. I’m sorry. I really am.”

“It’s fine Mark. Don’t worry about it. “

“We’re not that close. I understand you not sharing with us.” Mark continued, “But I want you to know that if you ever want or need anything; even just to talk- all you have to do is ask. Ok?”

Ron didn’t know what to say. All he managed to say was “hmm”.

“I mean it Ron. I am here for you. And I know it’s not possible, but I would do anything to make it up to you. “

Ron knew he should say something but he just couldn’t find the words.

The car was moving again. Suddenly Ron said, “Anything?”

“What?” Mark looked confused.

“You really would do anything?” Ron asked.

“Yes.” Mark replied right away.

“Pull over there. “ Ron said pointing at a small roadside ice cream shop.


“Because you’re gonna buy me Ice cream.”

“Well, let me take u to this restaurant. They have really good-“ Mark tried to talk but Ron cut him off saying, “no. I want you to buy me one from there” pointing at a small ice cream shop next to the road.

“Ok. If you say so.” Mark said.

Ron stood in front of his apartment building with a half eaten cone ice cream in his hand. As Mark waved him good bye and drove off Ron started walking towards the building. Mark couldn’t understand what was Ron thinking. He will probably never know that he just turned Ron’s childhood dream into reality.

Thanksgiving Dinner 

Ron was sitting on the couch, staring at his friends serving food on the table. After Ron helped set the table his friends made him sit down and take some rest. They knew him too well. They also knew about his condition, unlike his parents. 

“Dinners ready.” Jo yelled. 

Everyone started taking their seats. This has been their thanksgiving tradition since they were kids. No matter what happened they always tried to meet up for dinner this night. They never thought this would continue after all these years. Never imagined they would be sitting across one and other, sharing food, talking about how things have been. Never thought they would even have “things” to talk about. Most of them were school friends. As in they went to the same school as Ron did but not the same class. They were much older than Ron was. But for some reason they all became friends. Ron’s family never approved of this friendship. Maybe because his friends then were drug addicts and in and out of juvie. Because of Ron’s “situation” he was never accepted in society. These were the only people who accepted him for who he was. Not what everyone said he was. So there’s no way Ron was letting these people go. And why should he? They never left him either. 

“Earth to Ron. Can you hear me?” Emma was saying shaking his hand. He had spaced out  again, Ron realized. 

“What?” Ron asked. Then Ron noticed the pile of food in his plate. Apparently someone thought it would be funny to make that pile when Ron wasn’t noticing. It took a while for Ron to gather his surroundings, and then he broke into laughter. The ice was broken. Ron was behaving normally again. Almost as if everything was ok. 

After dinner Ron decided to walk back to his place. Now he has no idea how he ended up here, in front of her building. Her place wasn’t on his way back home but she always felt like home to him. Now standing here he desperately wanted to see her. All he had to do was knock. But he lost the right to do so and it’s all his fault. He started walking away, back to his place. He doesn’t want to risk her seeing him. Doesn’t want to hurt her more than he already did. Every step felt like a ton of weight was tied to his legs. Every cell of his body wanted nothing more than to run upstairs and knock on her door. “But it’s better this way” he thought, convincing himself to leave.

Somehow he managed to crawl back to his apartment. His head was spinning, legs shaking. He went straight to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Lost consciousness before his head hit the pillow.

Morning light was pouring in, he could feel it on his skin without opening his eyes.he didn’t want to wake up, didn’t want to see the empty space next to him. As if not looking was gonna undo it.

He’s known pain in his life that most people didn’t knew existed. But nothing could compare what he was feeling now. It’s as if a heavy weight was on his chest and he couldn’t breathe. And it hurt, so much. He tossed and turned in bed until he got too bored.

Breakfast tasted like grass. Mostly everything tastes like grass now a days.

Ron tried to find some good clothes to wear for lunch. He never cared about how he looked. But the whole family had a problem with his old jeans, ripped- stitched shoes and plain old shirts. Although he knew Mark wouldn’t care about it. He probably wouldn’t even notice. Then again they were going to some expensive french restaurant. Unlike Ron Mark had a good reputation in society. He was well known and respected. Ron didn’t want him to feel embarrassed like the rest of the family did.

Ron was feeling nervous now at lunch. Sitting across his uncles, parents and grandfather, he was sweating even in this cold weather.

“So Ron, how are you.” Jack asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Tell me, how’s everything going?”

“Everything’s fine.”

“You seeing anybody?” Jack was curious to know about Ron’s life.

“Not really, no. “ Ron didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“Are you gay?” His mother asked.

“No. I’m not.” Ron was annoyed now. He didn’t want to have this conversation again.

“Are you sure?” His mom seemed skeptical.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of you know. You don’t have to hide anything.” His mom kept talking.

“Why would I be ashamed of anything?” Ron wanted to leave now. He knew she didn’t care about his life. She probably had something else to say, just didn’t get there yet.

“So you sure you’re not gay?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“ well then, why don’t you date anyone?” Jack asked.

“No reason. Just don’t feel like it.”

“Ron, how are you going to find someone if you don’t even look? Look how happy your parents are. Don’t you want that in your life ?”

Ron almost laughed out loud but stopped himself in time. Be happy like his parents? He knew exactly how happy his parents were. And that’s the last thing he wanted in his life.

“I think you should go out on a date with a girl.” Sarah was smiling now.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“No. Seriously. You should go out. Actually I’ve already set a date for you.” Finally Sarah got to the point.

Ron was speechless. Seriously?Now his mother was setting him up on blind dates? Why on earth would she do that? What’s she thinking? He tried to figure out what the situation was but couldn’t. And not knowing made him frustrated. Nothing was what it seemed like with his parents. He learned this the hard way.


Ron was speechless. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was being set up on a blind date by his mother. The same woman who ran his friend out of the house just cause “they were in his bedroom which was inappropriate.” Ron could never figure out how she found two kids on the floor working with electronic equipment inappropriate. “Dangerous? Yes, probably. But not that.” Needless to say they lost the competition. Now staring at her Ron wanted to say some cruel things. A lot of cruel things actually.

Finally he managed to say “You did what?”

“I set a date for you.” She said

“I’m fine. You don’t have to do that.”

“Well I already did. She’s a nice girl. I’m sure you’re gonna like her.”

“ I don’t want to be set up with someone.”

“Why not? Give it a try.” Jack was trying to be encouraging.

“I really don’t think it’s a good idea.” Ron insisted.

“You’re meeting her tomorrow night. “ Sarah said.

“I’m busy then. I’ll let you know when I can meet her.”

“Ok. How about Saturday night? “I’m busy then too.”

“Well make time cause you’re seeing her then.”

“But-“ Ron tried to protest.

“No buts. It’s final.” Sarah ended the conversation, as she usually does.

“Maybe you’re stepping over a little bit. Dating should be Ron’s choice, not something his made to do.” Mark was concerned.

“Well he better find someone. It’s not like he’s gonna get any younger.” Sarah said trying to make a point.

Now the waiter was taking orders so they all stopped talking in this topic.

Ron was driving through the busy road. His apartment was 12 minutes away according to the GPS but he knew it will probably take half an hour to get there in this traffic. His phone started to ring. Display showed it was an unknown number. Parking the car in the side of the road he answered.


“Is this Ron Miller?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“I’m calling from-“ as the person kept talking Ron’s face turned pale. As if someone just pulled the ground beneath his feet away.

“I’m coming over there right now.”

“It’s ok. We’ve got everything under control.” The guy on the phone assured.

“No you don’t.” Ron thought as he turned the phone off and started driving. GPS showed the next U-turn was 3 minutes away though he knew he would get there in one.


“He escaped? What do you mean.” Ron was furious.

“He broke out last night.” The guy said.

“And you’re telling us this now? You’re supposed to inform us right away.”

“We didn’t think it would be an issue.I mean how far could he have gone on foot?”

“ That’s the problem. You didn’t think.” Ron wanted to punch the guy. But hitting a cop would complicate things more. He tried to be logical and not let his emotions get in the way.

“Do you you have any idea where he could’ve taken her?”

“Not yet. But we have people looking for them.”

“And how exactly are you doing that?”

“We asked for his file. We might get some clues from that.”

“Have you checked his financials? If he had accessed any of his bank accounts? Did you check his old house?”

“We are still waiting for a warrant to check his financials. And about his house, he obviously can’t live there.”

“But he still owns that. Any property he owns is worth checking out.” Ron said.

“Are you trying to tell us how to do our job.” The. Cop was getting angry now.

“Yes. Because you clearly aren’t good at that.” Ron thought. But out loud he said, “ Of course not. I’m just really worried about her. The more time passes the more he can hurt her.” Ron was telling the truth. He needed to find her as soon as possible.

The cop looked a little convinced with that. He said, “Don’t worry. We are doing everything we can.”

“What if that’s not good enough? What if they are too late?” Ron thought. He took a minute to gather his thoughts. Then asked, “what’s taking so long to issue the warrant?”

“Judge is busy with other things. He will sign it after that’s done.”

“Well try another judge then.”

“We don’t know another one. No ones gonna sign an warrant without proof. Which we don’t have, don’t forget. At least he agreed to sign it.”

Immediately Ron started going through the contacts in his phone. Wrote a name and number down on a piece of paper and handed it to the officer next to him.

Said, “ Go to him with the papers and tell him Ron sent you. I’ll be calling him now about it.”

The officer looked at the name and said,” Are you crazy? He wouldn’t sign these papers.”

“Oh, he will.”

“How could you be so sure?”

“I know him for a long time. He will do it without a question. Please hurry. “

Still confused the officer took the piece of paper and left.

Ron was driving towards that old building. Apparently in the last couple of hours they’ve got the warrant. And because of that now they had a witness. Well maybe more like an accomplice. Police was already in there trying to get information from the guy. Ron had some questions to ask too.

“I want to talk to him.” Ron demanded.

The officer was trying to be as calm as possible. He said, “let us do our job. He will talk. We’ll make him talk.”

Ron wasn’t so sure. He knew these types of people too well. They were used to being questioned by the police, stalling until it’s too late. He wasn’t gonna talk. Specially to a by the book cop like the officer in charge here.

He said, “I’m not asking for long. Just give me 5 minutes with him.”

The officer wasn’t convinced.

“Please, just 5 minutes. It’s my sisters life on the line. Times running out. Come on!”

“Ok. Five minutes. That’s all you’re gonna get.”

“Thanks. Can I have some privacy?” Ron asked which sounded more like an order.

“Now you’re asking for too much.”

“Well what have we got to lose?” Ron seemed desperate.

“Ok. Go ahead.” The officer stepped aside from the door where he stood. The witness/accomplice was sitting on a chair inside the room. Ron walked in and closed the door. Then to everyone’s surprise he locked it.

The officer knocked and said, “That wasn’t the deal.”

“Relax. Just gonna take five minutes.” Ron replied.

In the next few minutes inhuman, loud screams started coming through the door.


Ron opened the door and walked out of the room. The officer in charge just stared at him without saying a word .

“My god! Your hands are bleeding!” Said the young lieutenant.

“That’s not his blood.” Said the officer in charge before Ron could reply.

Ron gave her a piece of paper with something written on it and told her to check it out. After she left the officer said, “you can’t do that.”

“Do what? Share info? Just trying to help …….”

“I meant you can’t hit an witness like that.”

“No, you can’t do that. But I can. I’m not a cop.”

“What if that guy files a case against you?”

“He won’t. He’ll tell everyone he hit himself.” Ron said laughing.

“How’s that funny? Why did you do that? We’re handling it.”

“Cause he wasn’t gonna talk to you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do. I know people like him. You needed information so I got that. I don’t see why you’re over reacting.”

“I’m overreacting? You just …” the officer was clearly angry now.

“I know what I did. He didn’t say anything in the last couple of hours. What makes you think he was gonna talk to you after you took him to the station?”

“So you’ll just go and start hitting people? Are you out of your mi….

“Sir, the address he gave is some kind of factory. Actually it was but it’s been abandoned for a long time now.” Said the lieutenant as she walked in looking at the phone in her hand. She handed it to the officer and asked” is everything ok?”

“Yah, this looks like a good place to hold a hostage. Lieutenant call the station and gather whatever we have on that area. We have to ……” as the officer kept giving instructions to the lieutenant Ron couldn’t help but think, this was too easy. Way too easy

“Something’s not right. He’s a smart guy. The guy who wants us to run around will probably make sure not to get caught this easily.” Ron said.

“You wanted to help, you did. Now go home, we got this.”

“This doesn’t seem right.”

“Just go, ok?”

“But……” Ron’s protest was futile as the officer held his elbow and almost dragged him outside the apartment calling the cop in uniform to walk him downstairs.

“Ok, ok I’m leaving,” Said Ron as he pulled himself away.

“Just be careful. He’s very dangerous.”

“Maybe he’s not as smart as you think. Jail has a way of changing people.” The officer replied.

“I doubt that. He probably spent the last few years planning this very day.” Ron thought but they won’t listen to him now.

Ron tried to concentrate on the road ahead but he couldn’t get that thought out of his mind. He knew they were walking into a trap. But there’s nothing he can do about it now. It was a feeling that he could never describe. It didn’t take them long to find that apartment after they got the warrant. With one look at that guy Ron knew he can make him talk. If Ron could see that so could he.

His exit was coming up on the left but after taking a right turn he parked the car on the side of the road. Turning his laptop on he knew exactly what he had to do.


Ron’s fingers were running through the keyboard. Line after line of gibberish was appearing in the black monitor. Although it’s gibberish to most people, but not to Ron. He knew exactly what he was doing. He also knew how illegal it was. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And he was desperate. Time was running out. The guy they caught said he dropped them off at the abandoned factory. Obviously he’s smart enough to not stay there. He was just there to set the trap for whoever’s following. But he WAS there. Now Ron’s following him, through the streets CCTV cameras, shops security cams- anything he could find online. It was neither easy nor legal but he finally found them. It was a black sedan car. Running through the streets as if nothings wrong. It took a while but Ron found its last stop. Writing down the address Ron turned the laptop off. Starting the car he thought about informing the officer in-charge. But how’s he gonna explain where he got the information from? Even if he could make something up, will they believe him? They didn’t believe anything he said before.

Turning the wheel he decided, he’s gonna go alone.

It was another factory not far from the first location. Though it was abandoned, it was clear it hasn’t been for long. Most of the machinery’s were still there. Some had been taken out. Spare parts were scattered on the floor. Ron slowly walked through the rooms making sure not to make any noise. Clutching the gun in his hand he made it to the second floor. He could see light coming from a room nearby. Staying in the shadows he got closer to the door. He was pretty sure about not being seen when suddenly the guy said out loud,

“Took you long enough.”

He knows, so there’s no point in hiding anymore. Ron came inside the room, still clutching the gun in his hand. He could see her now. Sitting on the floor, hands cuffed to a base structure of some machinery not more than 4 feet above the ground. Duct taped around her ankles and mouth. The horror in her eyes said more than words ever could. She frantically moved her head trying to say something but all that came out was muffled screams from behind the duct tape. Ron knew what she was trying to say. That it was a trap. That he should leave. But that’s not gonna happen. All three of them knew that.


Ron lifted the gun and pointed it at his head. He seemed very calm considering the situation. Maybe because he knew he had the upper hand. He was a good looking guy. Like a neighbor next door. Clean and simple, looked nothing like a serial killer. Maybe that’s why nobody suspected him. Even now no one knew how many people he killed. Most of the bodies were never recovered. But some were and they were enough to send him to jail. Everyone was relieved to know he’s gonna be in jail for the rest of his life. Unless of course he escapes, which he did. That’s why Ron asked for his death sentence but the judge felt otherwise. It’s not that Ron wanted revenge, he just wanted to be sure that they were safe. Everyone assured them that they were. Standing in front of him now after all these years he knew jail was the wrong decision.

“You knew I was coming?” Finally Ron asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Replied the guy. He had many names, many aliases. They could never find who he really was. He made sure that no one did.

“I helped catch you. My testimony send you to jail. You wanted me, here I am. Now let her go.” Ron said to him. Even though Ron was the one holding the gun, threats were useless here. He knew that.

“But I want both of you.” He replied calmly.

“Let her go.” Ron’s tone turned from request to order now.

“No. She stays, and so do you.” A flicker of anger showed in his eyes.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Ron. “Let her go or I’ll shoot you.” He never killed anyone but Ron was prepared to do anything now.

“Oh really? Why don’t you go ahead and try, see how it goes?” He said calmly. “Unless of course you want to see her die from the poison I gave her. I’m sure you can guess the antidote after I die.” He said smiling.

“Put the gun down.” He said, “you know you can’t use that. Lets face it, your out of options here. Well, you got one option.” He looked Ron dead in the eye and howled, “Do as I say.”

Ron looked at Kate, helplessly sitting on the floor. Tears streaming down her cheeks, shaking her head trying to say, “No, No, No.” But she could only make muffled sounds barely audible from behind the duct tape. He took a second to think, then slowly put the gun down on the ground.

“Kick it away.” He said.

Ron kicked the gun away to his left. It slid under some machineries, then halted to a stop after hitting something loudly.

“Well, here we are. What are you gonna do now?” Ron asked.

He didn’t answer. Instead he started going through his bag as if trying to find something.

Ron took a step closer and said “After all you went through to get us here, now you’re just gonna poison her to death? How disappointing!”

“Seriously! Ron’s trying to provoke him?” Kate thought. Either he’s lost his mind or he has a plan. She prayed for the latter to be true.

Ron didn’t have a plan. Not sure if one can make a plan to get out of this kind of situation. Specially when they were alone and no one believed them. So getting help from anyone wasn’t an option. Ron knew the guy well enough to understand he had everyone exactly where he wanted them to be. He wasn’t in a hurry because he made sure they don’t get interrupted. Attacking him now wouldn’t be wise. He could easily defend himself, use whatever he had in his bag. He was standing within two feet from where Kate was. So he could attack her too. Ron stood near the doorway trying to figure out what to do.

“Don’t worry. She’s not gonna die from the poison.” The guy said still facing away from Ron. “ maybe in a few days she will but I’m gonna kill her before that.” He looked at Ron and smiled as if he was reassuring them that everything’s gonna be fine.

“And where do I fit in, in your twisted scenario?” Asked Ron.

“I’m gonna kill you too. After I make you watch her die.” He answered.

“Why not just get rid of us now? Why wait?”

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” He answered with a wicked smile.

Then he walked over to Kate saying “let me have something to remember you by.” Before anyone could react he grabbed a lock of her hair and cut it of with a knife. She tried to get away but couldn’t.

Ron could now see what he was doing all this time . The various tools arranged on the table next to the bag scared Ron. Not because they looked horrible and ancient. But because Ron knew what they were and how they were used. As the guy was stepping away from her Ron knew he had to take this chance. He had Kate’s lock of hair in one hand and the knife in the other. Still Ron didn’t care. He ran towards the guy and jumped on top of him. Grabbing his head in one hand Ron made sure to hit the table with it. They both fell in the ground.

The guy was surprised at this sudden attack. Not that he wasn’t expecting one. After hitting the ground he realized that both of his hands contents was now more than a feet away. He tried to crawl forward and grab the knife. But Ron caught his collar, then dragged him back. He grabbed Ron throat chocking him. Ron wasn’t as strong as he was. Ron did the only thing possible, hit the guys nose with the palm of his hand. It made a faint cracking sound as his nose broke. His grip on Ron’s throat loosened a bit. Again Ron hit him at the same place. He was bleeding from his nose now. Disoriented from the sudden attack and in a lot of pain.

Ron quickly crawled towards Kate. He took a small pin like tool out of his pocket and started to pick the lock on Her handcuffs. He almost unlocked her left hand when the guy attacked from behind. He grabbed Ron’s hair with his left hand and chocked him with his right elbow. Ron was facing away from him. So he reached back and hit his face based on assumption. But he didn’t even flinch. His grip on Ron’s throat increased. He was running out of oxygen, vision started to get blurry. Though Ron kept struggling, he knew it was futile against him.

Ron was struggling to breathe. The guy was chocking him from behind. Sometimes letting go is easier than fighting back. But now he wasn’t fighting for himself. He was fighting for her. With his blurry vision he looked around trying to find a way out. He could see a raised platform nearby, abandoned after the machineries were removed. He reached for it with his legs. Pressing his legs on it’s side he pushed backwards with all his strength. Trying to keep balance the guy slightly released pressure from Ron’s neck. Ron took that chance. Hitting his face with his head Ron finally managed to release himself. Ron stood up walking backwards, making sure to keep a distance.

From there Ron could see the bruises on Kate’s face. Dry blood on her wrists, fear in her eyes. ‘Fear’ was the last thing Ron wanted her to feel. But here they are.

Kate wasn’t paying attention to them. She was busy trying to unlock the handcuffs with the tool Ron was using. That guy was average looking but he was way stronger than he looked. Now he was starting to get up. Ron could see Kate had unlocked one of her hands.

“My cars outside. Wait for me there.” Saying this he threw the car keys to Kate.

Staring at the keys in her hand, she stood motionless.

“ Go, Now! I got this.” Ron seemed surprisingly calm now.

“It would be wrong to leave him here” she thought. But if that’s what he wants then she will do it, no questions asked as always. So she started to run.

Though Ron couldn’t see her anymore he could still hear the sound of the keys fading. The guy was back on his feet now, calling Ron names. Advancing slowly to attack.

Ron wasn’t afraid anymore. Instead of keeping distance and defending himself Ron walked towards him. Ron could see the confusion in his face.

“You know, I could rip you apart with a thought.” Ron said walking towards him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Saying that Ron raised his right hand and a couple feet long metal pipe flew into it from the pile of old machinery parts.

Wide eyed the guy watched in confusion and horror as Ron walked towards him fast. He was sure he saw a faint smile in Ron’s face as the pipe hit him repeatedly.


Kate was getting frustrated. She couldn’t help but imagine all the things that could go wrong. She wondered if Ron was okay, if he was even alive. Even though Ron told her to take the car and run away, she couldn’t. With a good view of the entrance she parked the car. Now she was standing next to it with all the lights off hoping to remain unseen. How long has it been since she left the building? 10 minutes? An hour? She didn’t know. Her heart was beating like a drum inside her chest.

“I think I told you to leave” Kate almost jumped hearing Ron talk.

“You’re here!” She exclaimed hugging him.

“Of course I am.” Ron said softly. “Now you were supposed to leave. Not stand in the middle of the road like an open target.” Ron said trying to be annoyed.

“Get in the car.” Ron told Kate.

“Where do you want me to drop you off? To your house or the dorm?”

“Dorm. Don’t want mom and dad to see me like this.” Kate replied as tears streamed down her face.


[ To be continued]

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