Stuck in a daydream (Story-1, part-15)

The sun was shining brightly through the leaves. Rows of trees covered both sides of this road. It’s a very peaceful place to be in. A beautiful site to see. But Kate couldn’t see any of it. She couldn’t even feel anything. Numbness covered her all around like a fog. She couldn’t move a muscle even though its been hours since she woke up. Ron was talking about something, something meaningless or maybe something important. She didn’t care. All she wanted now was to disappear. It’s not that she wanted to die, she just didn’t want to exist.

“We’re here. Let’s go.” Ron said loudly.

“Why are you yelling?” Kate said weakly without showing any intent of moving.

“Because I’ve been saying this for the last 3 minutes and you haven’t answered.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice.” Kate said sitting down straight. “Where are we?” She Asked looking around.

“In a diner near the highway. Gotta eat something. Right?”

It wasn’t really a question so Kate said nothing and stepped out of the car.

The diner was nothing special. Just a small sitting area next to the kitchen. Kate and Ron was sitting face to face in a table of four.

“What do you wanna eat?” Asked Ron.

He seemed clam and composed considering what happened last night. Talking about food, asking what Kate wanted to eat. As if nothing happened.

“Where are we?” Asked Kate.

“In a diner.” Answered Ron jokingly.

Seeing Kate get angry Ron put his hand up defensively saying “ ok, ok. We’re in the highway, on our way to the beach.”

“But I told you to drop me off…” Ron cut her off mid-sentence saying “ at your dorm. I remember. But I thought that we should take a little time off before going back.”

They were in a public place. So pretending to be normal and blending in with the crowd is the logical thing to do. But Kate needed to know. Although it might sound suspicious to others, she had to ask. Though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear the truth or not.

Gathering up all her courage she finally asked, “what did you do to him? I mean did you …”

“You mean did I kill him?” Ron said with an expressionless face.

[To be continued]

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