Stuck in a daydream. (Story-1, part-16)

“Did I kill him?” Ron was asking Kate, biting into his sandwich.

“Ya, did you?”

She was curious to know what happened to that guy but also scared to know the truth. A part of her thought it’d be better if he died but then again Ron might go to prison for murder. Bestowing death upon someone without legal authority was illegal – no matter how much they deserved it.

He put the sandwich down, then looked at her and said, “ No .”

Kate took a breath of relief that her brother didn’t turn into a murderer. But it means that guy was still out there. That worried her.

“Of course I didn’t kill him.” Ron said with an innocent smile.

“Of course you didn’t.” Kate thought. She wondered, was she disappointed?

Ron was still talking, “Do you know how difficult it would be to get rid of a body?” He took another bite out of his sandwich and said, “ I didn’t kill him. But he’s being taken care of, so that he can never bother you again.”

“So, you sent him back to prison?”

“No” Ron answered. “He escaped once. He can do it again. I’m not taking that risk.”

Now Kate was confused. “Where is he?” She Asked.

“Not your problem to worry about.”

“ What do you mean not my problem? He came after me. He tried to kill me.” She lowered her voice after realising how loud she was talking.

“He’ll never do it again. I’ve made sure of that. So don’t worry. Don’t even think about it. Ok?” Ron said with a smile.

But his eyes showed determination. He wasn’t happy about anything. He only smiled to comfort her. She knew that. She also knew that he won’t tell her anything about it.

“The less you know, the safer you’ll be.” Is what Ron always says.

“Okay then” Kate said to herself. “If he doesn’t want me to dig around, I’ll listen to him as usual.”

The rest of lunch they talked about random useless stuff like every other twenty something year olds. But Kate couldn’t shake the thought lurking in the back of her mind. That it was all her fault.

“It’s all your fault” he said in a cold voice that sent chills down her spine. She was laying on cold, hard concrete floor. Her right side almost freezing from the cold temperature. Her hands were tied so tightly that she could hardly feel her fingers. Her feet were numb from the bindings on her ankle. The drugs on her system started to wear off as she could see where she was. But no matter how much she tried, all she could see was darkness. She tried to scream but ended up coughing instead. She was out of breath. Kate desperately tried to breathe but all she felt was her lungs filling with the dust on the floor. Again she screamed. But this time a voice called her name. Not that cold voice that scared her. But a voice that comforted. She concentrated in that voice and the darkness before her eyes started to be replaced with another darkness. A darkness that wasn’t scary anymore. A darkness that seemed familiar.

Slowly she woke up and found herself back in the car, covered in sweat. Ron was looking at her with eyes full of worry, wrinkled brows.

“You ok? You were having another nightmare.” He said.

“I’m ok.” She answered. “ Where are we ?”

“A few hours away from the beach. On the road that goes through the forest.”

She recognised it now. Shadows of trees on the side of the road. Looking out the window she saw the night sky, stars shining bright. A rare site in the city.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Ron Asked starting the car.

“Yes. Nightmares are common in PTSD. So stop worrying.”

But she wasn’t okay. They both knew it.

[To be continued]

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