Hug – a very common thing. It’s the act of showing love by wrapping ones arms around another. It makes people feel safe, supported and most importantly loved. From a scientific point of view, hugging produces a hormone called oxytocin in our body which makes us feel the emotions mentioned above.
After going back and reading what I’ve written so far, instead of expressing emotions it seems more like an essay. I don’t mind it though. With the state that I am in, being able to write anything should be appreciated. So I’ll appreciate myself. Cause if I don’t do it then who will?
I hug my loved ones. why? Cause I love it.
I’ve noticed that when I hug my loved ones, they don’t hug me back.They receive the love I give. They love me back. But they just don’t hug me back. They don’t wrap their arms around me like people usually do. They just stand there pretending to be annoyed. I don’t mind though. Cause I have someone who doesn’t mind having me around. Funny how situation changes. This time last year was so different. Now I don’t have what I had then. I’ll never get back what I’ve lost. It feels like no matter which road I take, I always go back to this one thing. So I always end up where I started. I can’t leave it behind, I can’t move on. I guess I’ll just have to find a way to move forward carrying it with me.

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