What to do?


What are you suppose to do
When nothing makes sense
And you question reality,
Live in denial?
When you want to punch air,
Break the ground
And drag the sky down?
When you scream from the top of your lungs
And wake up the whole town.
When you cry and cry
But tears doesn’t flow.
You see white all around
But that’s not snow.
You scream in pain.
Though it’ll never show.
No matter how much it hurts
No one’ll never know.
But when you cry
Keep thinking “Me- why?”
Feeling dizzy with blurry eyes
You don’t see
The people standing there
And you don’t notice that
In their eyes
Tear lies.

So what are you suppose to do
when nothing makes sense?
Be senseless for a while
Then come back to sense?

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