Update: Tidying up


Update on tidying up my house. I cleaned one and a half small area of my closet. Three and half more area left to clean. I mostly folded all the piled up clothes. Gave away a large pile of cloths to be donated. Since I gained some weight, some of the old clothes won’t fit anymore.

I used to keep my favorite clothes to be worn after I lose some weight but that doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore. I kept things for years hoping to lose weight. But eventually either I gained weight or the clothes became unfit to wear. So it’s better to give it away to someone who can actually use it. Right? I hate letting things go when I should just keep the things I need. I feel like I need all of them even though I didn’t need them in the last few years. Well it’s a process I guess and I’ve taken the first step.
The process of tidying up was fun. Me and my 6 year old nephew started it. Then my sister joined too. Of course my nephew messed things up more instead of tidying. Still it was a good distraction. It was the first time I went through my closet since my mom died. Before I used to clean up at least a little bit of my closet for finding things to wear. But now feeling so don’t-care-about-anything made me not want to do anything. I often forget to eat, sleep so cleaning up is not the first thing in my mind. Still I force myself to clean up. Otherwise things will be too messy for me to clean. It’s not like I’ll have anyone to help me. These last few days, my sister’s staying with me. I’m grateful for all the help around the house no matter how much she yell at me for not living up to her expectations. She loves to clean. Or maybe she just hate leaving things dirty. Either way she’s much more capable of tidying things around her, no matter how messy her head gets.

Instead of a picture of my messy closet I am using the picture of a pumpkin flower. Why? Cause its pretty and my closet is not.

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