Update : Tidying up

Sometimes ago I wrote about tidying up my house. As in I’ll start tidy things up. So I started with my bedroom and kitchen. I cleaned the kitchen shelves and neatly put most things in place. I cleaned the piles of clothes in my bedroom. Four pile of clothe folded and was put inside my wardrobe. But now somehow I have five pile of cloth in my bedroom and the kitchen is a mess. It’s very frustrating. No matter how much I clean there’s always more things left to do. It’s as if I tided the house then blinked and the house turned into a mess again. So I’ve started my cleaning project again. I know that these things are not something that’s ever done but something that’s always maintained. I’ll try to do that. My biggest problem is that I don’t have a clue what to do. Then again having two kids running around the house will make any house a mess. I guess I’ll just try hoping to get it done someday.

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