Late Night Thoughts (Depression)

People can help people. You can help someone with your words or actions. Maybe their problems won’t go away but you can comfort them and make them feel a little bit better.

But how do you help yourself?
How can you do that when you don’t know how?
And even when you gather all the information you need,
how do you put them into practice?
How can you fix yourself?
When you’re stuck in a deep dark pit- how do you get out?
The pit that’s void of light
or just filled with darkness.
The pit where your anxiety, fears and pain resides?
You know that you have to get out of here.
Get out of here
so you can go out there
and be more,
give more,
live more.
You question yourself
whether you really want to leave
when the darkness is comforting
and light is blinding.
You are so used to
sitting in the bottom of the pit,
curling into a ball.
Even if there’s a ladder in here,
you don’t want to search for it at all.
Maybe it’s within your reach
but you’re afraid of what your hands will find in the dark.
Maybe you think, you believe
that there’s no way out
so you don’t even try.
So do you have to believe first
to start trying?
But how do you believe something you can’t even see,
for to see you need light.

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