Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit, in our roof garden. It’s also known as the white-fleshed pitahaya. Scientific name Selenicereus undatus . It has a sweet taste with a crunchy texture because of all the seeds. As far as I know, it’s called the dragon fruit because of the shape of the flower in bloom which resembles fire coming…


As the pain becomes unbearable,I reach for the painkillers.And I ask myselfwhy didn’t I reach for it before?Why did I let myself suffer for so long?What was I trying to accomplish?Was it worth it?PainThe truestmost purest part of lifePainThat rips you apartCuts you like a knife.PainThat keeps you awakeAnd drowns you at the same time.PainThat…

Late Night Thoughts (Depression)

People can help people. You can help someone with your words or actions. Maybe their problems won’t go away but you can comfort them and make them feel a little bit better. But how do you help yourself? How can you do that when you don’t know how? And even when you gather all the…

My refuge

As tears threaten to fall from my eyes, I say to myself “I am not sad, I am just hungry. Food will solve everything.” So I take refuge in dessertTo fill the desert In my heartTearing me apart

A million dreams

They sang loud and clear. “Cause every night I lie in bedThe brightest colours fill my headA million dreams are keeping me awakeI think of what the world could beA vision of the one I seeA million dreams is all it’s gonna takeOh a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make” But my trouble…


Lily bloomed in our garden for the 2nd time. The flowers are very fragrant but they last for a very short time. This variety was a gift from a fellow gardner.

Dreams or nightmares

I understandBut I just don’t get it.How can someone just ceaseTo exist.How can someone disappearInto thin airAs if they wereNever here.Am I dreaming?Is this real?Is it true?That I’ll never get to see you.Or is it a nightmare?Can I wake up now?


Now a days we are back in lockdown. I’m back home being lazy. But the kids needs summer clothes. So I’m making some. One done. As my swing machine is out of order, I’m stitching it all by hand. It seemed a bit empty so painted the front a little.


This plant grew on top of concrete, in between two concrete slabs. Life is tough but we have to grow up anyway.


I love flowering plants Much more than flowers. Still every February Among othersI bought flowers. Most of the time I gave them to you.I loved seeing that smile,You tried so hard to hide, In the corner of your lips. Giving flowers,I learned from you. The flower you gave me first,Died within hours,But it lives,In my…